Piezometer For Groundwater Monitoring

Ground Water Monitoring System (Piezometer)

Groundwater levels have been monitored in Delhi using privately owned open dug wells/ Tube well tapping the upper unconfined aquifers. These levels reveal the piezo metric head/water table elevation of the semi-confined/unconfined aquifers. However, the necessary well-aquifer hydraulic connection has not always been well established. The frequency of monitoring has generally been restricted to a few times in a year corresponding to water levels during pre-monsoon, post-monsoon and winter seasons. These water levels have been used to construct water table hydrographs representing the troughs and peaks of the water table. In reality, many times these data have been too sparse to construct reliable and credible water level hydrographs In order to be effective, these piezometers should always have the necessary hydraulic connection with the targeted aquifers and should be suitably isolated from overlying/underlying aquifers. Only then the water levels monitored in these piezometers will continue to provide a reliable water level elevation, representative of the regional piezometric elevation in its vicinity. Digital Water Level Recorders (DWLRs) are installed in a number of piezometers. Optimally functioning DWLRs can only give undistorted piezometric head at the desired frequency. Now you can avail our services in all over the India specially in Delhi NCR, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, rajasthan, punjab, Haryana, madhya pradesh, Gurgaon, Punjab, Chandigarh.

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